Let a male model teach you Aussie slang like 'g'day mate' in sign language If you need to say Aussie phrases such as "how ya goin" and "no worries," but want to say them with sign language, here's a super easy guide on how to do it. Teaching the signs you'll need to know is model Nyle DiMarco, the latest winner of America's Next Top Model, who is also deaf — the first and only contestant to be so on the popular TV show. DiMarco recently visited Australia as an ambassador for phone brand OPPO Mobile. See also: You can live on a street named after AC/DC frontman Bon Scott in Australia Yes, we know he's good looking, but that shouldn't distract you from this vitally important language lesson. No worries Far out Aussie Aussie Aussie G'day mate Good on ya How ya goin' Too easy Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.
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